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Victor Aviation Service, Inc. Precision Aircraft Engine Overhaul
Demanding Maximum Performance & Longevity
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FAA Repair Station #BJ3R399L
An Engine for All Seasons
  • XR Black Edition VII™
  • XR Black Edition VII™
  • XR Black Edition VII™
  • XR Black Edition VII™
  • XR Black Edition VII™
  • XR Black Edition VII™
  • XR Black Edition VII™
  • XR Black Edition VII™
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Lycoming Engines
360-540-541-720 Cubic Inches
Continental Motors
360-470-520-550 Cubic Inches

6 Cylinder Engine Non-Turbo
Express Limited Warranty for Workmanship

Full Coverage for 60 Months or TBO whichever occurs first.
Coverage prorates after 60 months up to 120 months
on certificated aircraft FAA part 91 fixed wing operated aircraft.

30 Day Turn Around Times
Available on 6 Cylinder TCM and Lycoming Engines*

Since 1977 Victor Aviation's BLACK EDITION® state-of-the-art engines have earned an Iconic Status as the most valued aircraft engines in the world. With the introduction of the XR BLACK EDITION® VII engine, Victor Aviation has set new standards for the industry for excellence and innovative engine performance. Designed for superior dependability and performance and can handle the toughest and most extreme environmental conditions.

Aircraft engines are exposed to a wide range of operating and environmental  conditions that can cause premature engine life and deteriorated engine performance. 

If your aircraft is operated infrequently or in icing or high moisture high humidity conditions, or is operated in harsh high or low temperatures, 
A "Power-By-Victor" XR BLACK EDITION® VII Engine would give you the toughest best performing and longest lasting engine available for your aircraft.

To protect engines from harmful  environmental conditions "Power-By-Victor"
XR BLACK EDITION® VII Engines incorporate several unique features and benefits and are designed for operating in extreme conditions with maximized  engine performance

"Power-By-Victor" Engines add higher value.
We can direct you to a “Power-By-Victor” Preferred Installation Facility near you.
21 Unique XR BLACK EDITION® VII Engine Processes Included

Select Your "Power-By-Victor" Engine Upgrade

Black Edition
Limited Edition Aircraft Engine
XR and XRT Black Edition Aircraft Engine
Gold Edition Experimental Aircraft Engine

Edition VI
XR Black
Edition® VII
Edition VII™
Valve Train Geometry Improved + + + +
Precision Matched Hydraulic Lifters and Camshaft + + + +
Volumetric Efficiency Balanced and Flow Tested + + + +
Real-Time Reciprocating and Rotational Balanced + + + +
Iron Manganese Phosphate Internal Corrosion Coated + + + +
Three Axis Centerline Crankcase Testing + + + +
Cylinder Chambers Cubic Centimeter Tested + + + +
Thrust Velocity Load Cell Tested + + + +
Full Domain Frequency Vibration Tested + + + +
Diamond Cut and Matched Piston Rings + + + +
Thermally Emissive Electrostatic
Gloss Black Powder Coated
+ + - +
Cryogenic Liquid Nitrogen Stress Relieved O + + +
Ultrasonic High Speed Velocity Tested O + + +
Eddy Current Electromagnetic Induction Tested O + + +
Vibratory Stress Relief Tested O + + +
Metal Surfaces Shot Peened O + + +
Custom Color Electrostatic Powder Coated O + - +
Multiple Angle Valve and Seat Machining O O + +
Inertia Supercharging Air Flow Optimization O O + +
Corrosive and Harsh Environment Protection O O + +
High Temperature Ceramics O O + +
Isotropic Metal Surface Finishing O O + +
Thermally Emissive Textured
XR Matte Black Powder Coated
O O + +
Express Limited Workmanship Warranty 7yrs 10yrs 10yrs 10yrs
Limited Warranty T.B.O. Prorated Coverage TBO TBO TBO TBO
Edition® V
Edition VI™
XR Black
Edition® VII
Edition VII™

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