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"Power-By-Victor" Exchange Engines Available
  • IO540PFB400S9
  • IO540PLW611S9
  • IO540T353 GR539
  • IO540ASA-61
  • IO540 PFY601S9
  • IO540RAL 1012
  • IO540T009 YL71
  • IO540RAL 1014
  • IO540RAL 1024
  • IO540RAL 1028
  • IO540RAL 1033
  • IO540PFJ407A5
  • IO540RAL 2003
  • IO540T009 OG26
  • IO540HFR605S9
  • IO540RAL 3000
  • IO540RAL 3003
  • IO540RAL 3004
  • IO540RAL 3005e
  • IO540RAL 4002
  • IO540RAL 4005
  • IO540RAL 5012
  • IO540H308 BL03
  • IO540PFK605S8
  • IO540RAL 6019
  • IO540RAL 6027
  • IO540RAL 6033
  • IO540RAL 5021
  • IO540AFG507S7
  • IO540PFG509S8
  • IO540T28 GR02
  • IO540T357 Grey
  • IO540T032 BL04
  • IO540C291 GN20 Patina
  • IO540T241 GR11
  • IO540C241 GR484
  • IO540GFR600W2
Available Engine Listings 520 Model Color Chart 540 Model Color Chart 550 Model Color Chart
Custom Built to Order

Exchange "Power-By-Victor" engines are available for CM-520, CM-550 and Lycoming 540 cubic inch engine models on a built-to-order basis. Engines are also available for outright purchase on selected models. Planning an exchange engine delivery is a very convenient way to minimize your aircraft down time and keep you on schedule. Your exchange "Power-By-Victor" engine is scheduled for final assembly and testing just prior to your scheduled delivery date. This eliminates any concern about engine corrosion build up that is often experienced on inventory production built engines.

Limited Edition VI engines are available in a wide color selection of high gloss and textured finishes. XR Black Edition® VII engines are available only in XR Textured Matte Black finish.

C.M Upgrade Series Available
Limited Edition™ VI   See Color Chart
XR Black Edition® VII Matte Black Only
C.M. Upgrade Series Available
Limited Edition™ VI   See Color Chart
XR Black Edition® VII Matte Black Only
Lycoming Upgrade Series Available
Limited Edition™ VI   See Color Chart
XR Black Edition® VII Matte Black Only
Manufacturer  Model
Continental IO-520-D
Continental IO-520-F
Continental TSIO-520-R
Continental TSIO-520-P
Continental TSIO-520-M
Continental TSIO-520-CE
Continental IO-520-BB
Continental IO-520-CB
Continental TSIO-520-NB 
Continental TSIO-520-BB
Continental TSIO-520-CB
Continental TSIO-520-EB
Manufacturer  Model
Continental IO-550-B
Continental IO-550-C
Continental IO-550-D
Continental IO-550-F
Continental IO-550-G
Continental IO-550-N
Continental TSIO-550-B
Continental TSIO-550-C
Continental TSIO-550-E
Manufacturer  Model
Lycoming TIO-540-AE2A
Lycoming TIO-540-AH1A
Lycoming TIO-540-J2BD
Lycoming LTIO-540-J2BD
Lycoming TIO-540-F2BD
Lycoming LTIO-540-F2BD
Lycoming TIO-540-C1A
* This engine color guide only offers a general representation of our electrostatic powder color offering.  Colors viewed on a computer screen or printed will vary and will never be an exact representation of the actual pigment, gloss or surface texture.  When matching is critical, please refer to our sample color strips as manufacturer color lots vary as well.

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