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Palo Alto, CA – February 11, 2011

Victor Aviation Service, Inc. in Palo Alto, California is proud to announce they have been chosen as a preferred vendor for Continental Motors & Lycoming Engine Overhauls, for Pinnacle Air Network.

Pinnacle Air Network represents North America’s most respected names in aircraft sales, suppliers and customer service. The Pinnacle group includes facilities in Canada, Mexico and the United States and encompasses a collection of 80 top FBOs and service facilities/FAA repair stations with 530 factory-trained maintenance technicians, at 43 major airports across North America. Collectively, the Pinnacle organization is backed by $225 million in assets and generates nearly one billion in annual sales.

Selected FBOs such as Skytech Inc, Landmark Aviation, Cutter Aviation, Stevens Aviation, Elliott Aviation, Kansas City Aviation Center, Flightcraft Inc, and another dozen companies have endorsed “Power by Victor” BLACK EDITION V and LIMITED EDITION VI engines. Technical support for all Victor Aviation products is now available nationwide.

Victor Aviation has been offering balanced, blueprinted piston engines worldwide for some 34 years, and the quality of Victor overhauls has been attested to by RVI’s Aircraft Bluebook Price Digest. ABPD allows a 100 percent add-on to used aircraft value for an installed Victor BLACK EDITION V or LIMITED EDITION VI Cryogenic engine.

A partial list of specific FBOs and maintenance shops in the Pinnacle Air Network is included below:

1.   Aerodynamics, Inc. - Pontiac, MI

2.   Aerolineas Ejecutivas
       - Toluca Estado de Mexico

3.   Central Flying Service, Inc.
       - Little Rock, AR

4.   Cutter Aviation - Phoenix, AZ
5.   Cutter Aviation - Albuquerque, NM
6.   Cutter Aviation - McKinney, TX
7.   Cutter Aviation - Deer Valley, AZ
8.   Cutter Aviation - San Antonio, TX

9.   Eagle Aviation, Inc. - Columbia, SC

10. Elliott Aviation, Inc.- Moline, IL
11. Elliott Aviation, Inc. - Minneapolis, MN
12. Elliott Aviation, Inc.- Omaha, NE
13. Elliott Aviation, Inc.- Des Moines, IA

14. Epps Aviation, Inc. – Atlanta, GA

15. Flightcraft, Inc. - Portland, Oregon
16. Flightcraft, Inc. - Eugene, Oregon

17. Flightline Group – Honda Jet East
      /Southeast - Tallahassee, FL

18. Kansas City Aviation Center - Olathe, KS

19. Landmark Aviation - Winston-Salem, NC
20. Landmark Aviation - Greensboro, NC      
21. Landmark Aviation - Scottsdale, AZ
22. Landmark Aviation - Syracuse, NY
23. Landmark Aviation - Sioux Falls, SD
24. Landmark Aviation - Roanoke, VA
25. Landmark Aviation - Norfolk, VA
26. Landmark Aviation - Leesburg, VA
27. Landmark Aviation - Charlottesville, VA
28. Landmark Aviation - Frederick, MD
29. Landmark Aviation - Cedar Rapids, IA

30. Maine Aviation Corporation - Portland, ME

31. Midwest Aviation Center - Chesterfield, MO

32. Million Air - Salt Lake City, UT

33. Muncie Aviation - Muncie, IN

34. Piedmont Aircraft, Inc - Winston-Salem, NC

35. Skytech, Inc. – Rock Hill, SC
36. Skytech, Inc. - Westminster, MD

37. Stevens Aviation - Dayton, OH
38. Stevens Aviation - Denver, CO
39. Stevens Aviation - Greenville, SC
40. Stevens Aviation - Nashville, TN

41. Tulsair Beechcraft Inc.- Tulsa, OK
42. Tulsair Beechcraft Inc.- Millington, TN

43. Woodland Aviation - Davis, CA

For more information, contact John Pava or Victor Sloan at Victor Aviation Services, Palo Alto, CA. 
Ph  (800) 207-0061, (650) 354-1399, FAX (650) 354-1395 or email

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