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FAA Repair Station #BJ3R399L
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Victor Aviation Service, Inc. in Palo Alto, California is proud to announce they have been chosen as a preferred Teledyne Continental Motors & Lycoming Engine Overhaul Provider for Pinnacle Air Network. - read more

World’s Most Reliable Piston Engine?   Employing cryogenic technology, the Scott Crossfield Edition engine may be the most reliable in general aviation. Piper Owner, Bill Cox
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Aviation Magazine
Article on Victor Aviation [PDF]
" …I had Victor do his stuff on a factory reman for me. I've never had an aircraft run as smooth as this one does. It's like a night and day difference."
Plane Talk, Tom Wooton

"I've had the pleasure of flying a dozen aircraft fitted with Victor engines, everything from Cessna 421s, 340s and Aztecs to Bonanzas and Skylanes, and they're unquestionably the smoothest " Plane & Pilot, Doug Colby

"Sloan does an excellent job of explaining what he can do, and he turned out to be as incredibly picky as he claimed."
Plane & Pilot, Howard Israel
"It's no surprise that air show ace Bob Hoover and the "Power by Victor"™ limited-edition engines he depends on are both "legends in their own time."
Plane & Pilot, Doug Colby
"Victor's overhauls, more than just a pretty face. One thing that airplane owners covet is a shop that gives expert and individual attention of the airplane and engine. Add to that some custom classy styling and the combination is even better. The real strong suit of Victor's overhaul is it's smoothness." AOPA, Richard L. Collins
"Under the glitch, VA provides substance. Until recently, engine overhauling has been straightforward, but all that's changing, and Victor is one of those doing the changing. Victor Sloan puts turbine smoothness in a factory piston engine."
Private Pilot, Nicholas E. Silitch
"After visiting Victorland and seeing what I saw, I can only give Victor Aviation five stars on a scale of one to five." "…Prince of Blueprints…" TBO Advisor, Kas Thomas
"Better than new, Victor Sloan brings engine overhaul to new heights of fanaticism."
AOPA Pilot, Marc E. Cook
"Victor Victorious. Victor is in the business of remanufacturing piston engines and turning out the smoothest power plants ever built. The result has to be flown to be believed. If you fly Sloan's personal A36 TC, you could very well think you were flying an electric motor."
Plane & Pilot, Bill Cox
"Making engines breathe easier." "This California engine overhauler applies the procedures and technology from an automotive performance shop to aircraft engines."
"Victor Sloan loves engines, specifically high-performance aircraft piston engines and he is devoted to making them more efficiently and reliably than they were ever designed to operate."
Aviation Equipment Maintenance, Paul Berner
"Blueprinters. A little extra tweaking, and you can have a blue ribbon engine. Victor Aviation's Bonanza A36 carries passengers in comfort with less vibration and noise."
Flying Magazine, Fred George


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